Three pharmaceutics graduate students earn ACCP Student Abstract Awards

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology, or ACCP, awarded eight Student Abstract Awards at its virtual 2020 Annual Meeting, and three of them went to graduate students in the UF College of Pharmacy’s department of pharmaceutics.

Three pharmaceutics student headshots
Simon Berger, Karthik Lingineni and Saima Subhani each won their first ACCP award at the Sept. 21-23 annual meeting.

Simon Berger, Karthik Lingineni and Saima Subhani each received their first ACCP award at the meeting, Sept. 21–23.

Berger, whose faculty advisor is Professor Guenther Hochhaus, Ph.D., optimized a novel in-vitro dissolution setup and established a quantitative relationship with in-vivo absorption of steroid nasal sprays. The results from his study will be implemented into a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to improve predictions of the fate of intranasal corticosteroids.

Lingineni, whose faculty advisor is Associate Professor Stephan Schmidt, Ph.D., used a quantitative modeling framework to determine the impact of drug-drug interactions, or DDIs,with CYP3A4 inducers and obesity on the efficacy of levonorgestrel containing hormonal contraceptives. The results suggest that these DDIs and obesity leads to an increase in number of pregnancies, which may require the use of backup or alternative methods of contraception.

Subhani, whose faculty advisor is Assistant Professor Valvanera Vozmediano, Ph.D., has developed a physiological model able to integrate drug-related properties and physiological processes, along with industry generated in-vitro dissolution data to characterize paliperidone food effect and its variability, and identify the most relevant factors responsible for the increased absorption of the drug when administered with food.

Each of the three pharmaceutics students presented their abstracts virtually at the conference, receiving a certificate, a cash honorarium and complimentary registration.